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Wanna make Flying your hobby ?

Private Pilot License

At a Glance

Aviakul's Private Pilot License Programme is ideal for aviation enthusiasts, hobby fliers, or those who have access to a personal aircraft. The Private Pilot License training curriculum builds the necessary skills and knowledge that make the cadets eligible for Commercial Pilot Training. Unlike the Commercial Pilot’s license requirement, there is no need for the 10+2 certificate for Private Pilot License training. A High School pass Certificate is adequate for the PPL.

You may be a doctor, a businessman, a housewife or anyone with dreams of flying. Aviakul's Private Pilot License Programme will help realise your dreams of flying and get a Pilot License as well.

Course Outline

A Private Pilot License also is known as PPL, is a type of License which allows a person to fly certain aircraft(s) for hobby or pleasure or personal use. The authority which regulates the requirements for this license in India is the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). PPL License issued by DGCA is valid for 10 years which can be renewed periodically after giving some tests. The PPL license issued by DGCA is valid in India and a candidate on successfully obtaining a PPL can act as pilot in command of an aircraft privately (not for remuneration). 


Major areas covered during the Private Pilot License course duration, to give elaborated ideas on the subject are, Fundamentals of flight, Check ride Preparation , Traffic patterns , Discovering aviation,  Emergency procedures, etc.

Ground School

The duration of the Ground school is 2 month (average). Our Curriculum is based on a blended pedagogy structure, superior expert input, majorly comprising of the Classroom and a State-of-the-art Online Learning Management System (LMS) training for the following PPL subjects, as per the syllabus prescribed by the DGCA.

  • Air Regulation

  • Aviation Meteorology

  • Air Navigation

  • Aircraft Technical General & Specific

  • Flight Radio Telephony License

Cadets undergo training in the core subjects for PPL requirements as per curriculum  mentioned above  and clear all examinations conducted inhouse as well as by DGCA.

Flight Training

A minimum of 40 flying hours is required to issue a PPL which includes below flying requirements:

  • Not less than ten hours of Solo flight time.

  • Not less than five hours of cross-country flight time as Pilot-in-Command.

  • Not less than five hours of solo flight time completed within a period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of application for the issue of licence.

Program Highlights

Hop in and take off, TODAY !

50 Hours on Single Engine Aircraft

10 Hours on Flight Simulators

250 Hours of Ground Training

Take on skies for Hobby @Aviakul !

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