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Meet the energetic Young team in Indian Aviation Ecosystem

About Aviakul

Who are we

In the last few years, aviation and aerospace have seen remarkable development in India. Though the progress is significant, the opportunities and possible ventures from the industry are yet to be unmasked. Most people are still unaware of these developments and their impact. Bridging this gap is Aviakul Aviation Academy, a brainchild of aviation enthusiasts. With zeal to create a self-reliant Aerospace ecosystem, Aviakul elegantly leads the phenomenal transformation of aerospace and aviation, imbibing global outreach.


Aviakul translates to "Home of Aviation," and strives to lead the exceptional developments in the industry, absolutely justifying its name. The organization works towards its goals with a firm belief that the intended transformation could be possible through three key directions - Personnel, Network, and Indigenous Development.

The Word Aviakul stems from the amalgamation of two classic Languages. Avia, a latin word which means Flight or To Fly and Kul, a Sanskrit word which means Home, Family or Community. Hence our motto the Home of Aviation


Our Mission

To build a Self-reliance in Indian 
Aerospace & Aviation Ecosystem

What we are trying to do

Aviakul has been established by young Aviation Professionals and Business Leaders with years of market experience, with the sole agenda of pioneering the transformation to bring Self-reliance in Indian Aviation Ecosystem. Pioneering the transformation in Aerospace & Aviation can be achieved with three major avenues.

Transformation in any industry can be sustained only with a qualified, well trained and skill equipped personnel. Aviakul aims to train, educate & equip skilled Aviation Personnel through its Aviation Academy. The concept of ecosystem where one's output is being fed into other's input is being implemented right at the grass-root level of training. Programs are designed to co-exist around each other, thereby making the candidates aware of their work environment from ab-initio. 

Training Academy

Unfortunately, Aviation in India is still not within common man's reach. Though we are born to fly, we merely glare at the Sky. Making people aware of Aviation and taking the knowledge down to the grass-root level is a lifelong mission for Team Aviakul. Only when as a society, as a community, we are conscious about Aviation, we will be able to make wonderful strides in that field. With this noble mission in mind, Aviakul organizes several outreach activities including Events, Conferences, Webinars, Training Workshops, thus enabling the reach of knowledge to the grass-root level of our nation.

Aviation Outreach
Systems Development

A Nation's true strength is evident from its capacity to stand on its own. True Atmanirbhar (Self-reliance) can happen only when the environment is conducive enough for the young brilliant minds to create their products and put them into the market. Aviakul firmly believes in penetrating the Sector with self-reliant philosophies that actually can make India a global leader in Aviation. With this mission in mind, Aviakul aims to establish a Research & Development facility that can conceive, design, develop, manufacture and produce indigenous Aviation Technology starting from as simple as a Basic Training Aircraft to as complex as a Sixth Generation Stealth Fighter Aircraft.

Team behind Aviakul

Andy Kotwani


Andy Kotwani, Chairman, Aviakul Group of Companies

Mr. Andy Kotwani embodies entrepreneurship, wellness, and a spirit of giving. Andy is a seasoned businessman and is co-owner of the famous Imperial Tailoring Co. He has suited up several Presidents, Prime Ministers, and elites. He hails from Mumbai and has successfully built up his massive business empire from scratch. He has been stationed in Moscow, Russia for a little over 30 years now. He is considered to be an Ambitious, conservative and restrained individual. All his actions are carefully considered about and analyzed in detail. His vision and unwavering faith in the bright future of aviation is what drives Aviakul.


Vaibhav Varun

Managing Director

Vaibhav Varun, Managing Director, Aviakul Group of Companies

Having spent most of his adult life in Moscow, Vaibhav hails from Darbhanga, Bihar. He has a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the prestigious Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation (Only institute of its kind in entire Europe & Asia).  A writer at heart, Vulcan by mind, lack of deity by soul; So far, he has written 3 books and has many upcoming projects by the end of 2022 and the starting months of 2023. All seminars conducted by Vaibhav since the very starting have been free-of-cost. He is currently the Managing Director of Aviakul Group of Companies – An Aviation initiative that aims to revolutionize Commercial Aviation & Aerospace Ecosystem of Indian Aviation. He also is the co-founder of Centre for Scientific Outreach, Not-for-profit organization that aims to bring science to grassroot people through various outreach activities. 


Why walk when you can FLY !

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