About Aviakul


Fly High with Aviakul Aviation Academy

The Word Aviakul stems from the amalgamation of two classic Languages. Avia, a latin word which means Flight or To Fly and Kul, a Sanskrit word which means Home, Family or Community. Hence our motto the Home of Aviation.


Authentic Learning Materials & Environment

Aviakul focuses on Quality rather than quantity. Hence the learning is international standard, derived from Pioneers of Aviation who has 20+ years of experience in Aviation thus making the Program Authentic.


Experiential and Cooperative Learning

Aviakul believes and promotes the concept of Learn while you Fly. Our training modules are enriched with Practical lessons in parallel to those of theory thus enabling a Hands-On experience for the Candidates during their program.

Aviakul’s Training Base

Florida, USA

Located at the heart of the Space Capital of the World, Merritt Island Airport is situated at the Vicinity of Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It offers a scenic experience to the candidates who get trained in our Majestic Fleet

Delhi NCR, India

Our upcoming Training base in Delhi NCR region will offer a variety of training programs at a close proximity from the National Capital